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Our Mission

Humberto Rodriguez, CEO of United Family Center (UFC) announced a bilingual multi-tier behavioral health and anti-stigma campaign, #REACHOUT, a 6-month effort aimed at expanding information, education, and resources throughout the Lower Yakima Valley and surrounding areas. UFC announced several initiatives and reviews the agency will undertake to boost the effort. Further, over the coming weeks, community partners will announce additional initiatives. #REACHOUT will begin February 15th 2021 and has an end date of August 15th 2021

“The #REACHOUT behavioral health awareness campaign created by the United Family Center team using information and tools to incorporate evidence-based practices into Lower Yakima Valley communities and surrounding areas has a primary focus on families with students in 6th to 12th grade and a secondary focus on elementary aged children with emphasis on social emotional learning.

We want to encourage open conversations among families and educate our communities about the different warning signs for individuals who may be “at risk.” By doing this we hope to educate, inform and bring awareness to mental health and substance use.

#REACHOUT hopes to keep addiction rates from growing and encourage individuals to live healthy lifestyles and seek treatment and recovery support services if needed. Many community members struggle with their mental health. Our message to all is that their mental health matters to us and that it is okay to #REACHOUT.

United Family Center envisions a future in which all families, regardless of the complexity of their needs, living conditions, socioeconomic background, have access to information that will add value to their lives and the ones they love.”

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